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About Us
Your New
Registered Housing
Provider in Devon

We believe in providing good quality, affordable homes for all sectors of our community.

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How We Do Things
How We Do Things
How We Do Things
at TorVista Homes

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Find Out
About TorVista Homes

Our Vision

To provide quality affordable homes to support and create sustainable communities where people choose to live

Our Values

T – Transparency, V – Value for Money, and H – Homes and Communities.

About TorVista Homes

TorVista Homes (TVH) is at the beginning of its journey as a new registered housing provider in the Devon. Its aim is to deliver a wide range of good quality affordable homes and services and be the landlord of choice for all sectors of our community.

Our priority and focus in the early years is the Torbay area and support Torbay Councils  Housing Strategy.  TVH is a subsidiary of TDA however it is required by the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) to act independently from its parent and has appointed a Board of Directors to provide control and assurance over TVH activities.

We are looking to secure around 360 new affordable in the first four years, and our business looks to double that figure in years 5 to 10.

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